Beautiful Flowers are a very desirable gift for almost any woman. Each flower carries magical information, it is hidden in color, shape and aroma.

There is hardly a woman who doesn't love flowers. These tender and beautiful plants can express the feelings without the words and can brighten your day in a second. They add chic and freshness to any interior and their aroma fills the room with sweet smell that is reminiscent of summer meadows and spring fields. And, of course, flowers work best to create festive atmosphere.

Hawley's Florist Extravagant Bouquet

Personally I love flowers and I love to have a beautiful bouquet in the livings room as a centerpiece on the table. My favorite flowers are roses of bloody red or pink color. They look great just on their own or in combination with other flowers or decorative elements. My husband knows my passion for roses and tries to surprise me with a bunch of them on occasion or just without it. And I like to make the photo of them to preserve these special moments.

Hawley's Florist Roses on Sale

Also roses look great in the combination with lilies and bright splashes of color, like in this bouquet featuring red, yellow and powder pink roses with light yellow lilies and green leaves. Even the roses of different size go together well, and the color palette brightens the mood resembling the aquarelle painting.

Hawley's Florist Red, Yellow and Powder Pink Roses

Creamy color is quite common for flower arrangements, and it is typically associated with the wedding. But it would make a perfect gift for an anniversary as well. Have a look at this bunch of creamy roses and chrysanthemums with light green accents. The bouquet is done with just two colors of creamy white and ivory contrasted with green leaves. It looks extremely elegant and sophisticated. It is not big and can easily decorate the dressing table in the bedroom or will make a perfect centerpiece on the dining table s well.

Hawley's Florist Flower Arrangement

I also adore these cute bright yellow roses on short stems set in the cube shaped vases. Bright yellow roses paired with vibrant chamomiles of the matching color look like splashes of sunshine and look great in any interior. This color perfectly pairs with white, creamy, gray and all shades of green and brown. So, if you choose similar colors for your flower arrangement you will never go wrong.

Hawley's Florist Flower Arrangement

If you prefer something more extravagant you might love this triangle shaped fuchsia and purple color flower arrangement that consists of a variety of different flowers. Unlike the previous monochrome color flower arrangements this bouquet is multicolored, with large fuchsia roses in the center next to contrasting white and light green smaller flowers and purple chrysanthemums framing all the composition. Even small bright yellow roses don't seem to be out of place and make all the composition complete.

Hawley's Florist Bright Bouquet

Those who love laconic designs and long-lasting flowers might opt for orchids available in the variety of colors. White orchids can easily brighten any room and make a universal gift for any occasion whatever the season is.

Hawley's Florist White Orchids

In fact, some flowers are associated with the particular season. For example, a large bunch of tulips is typical for springtime and reminds us about the awakening of nature every year.

Hawley's Florist Tulips

There are so may people and so many flowers they love most. But all will agree that flowers make our life better and make us a little better too. When you see these innocent and delicate plants you can't but be impressed by the genius of the Creator that managed to make this masterpiece of the nature.

Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. These delicate plants will help you express your affection, gratitude or say you are sorry. It is a traditional gift for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Of course, when you live in the same city you can always come over and present the bouquet in person. But when you are far away, the only way to surprise your loved ones is to order flowers online.

Flower Shop

Since I recently moved to California all my relatives and friends stayed in Washington. I don't have the opportunity to travel every time one of them has a special event. So, I order flowers or gift baskets online and get them delivered on the day of the event. My favorite online store for ordering flowers is Etsy. Here the selection of flower arrangements is impressive, and the prices are competitive. There are plants, roses, tulips, chamomiles, chrysanthemums and more. The site is easy to use and navigate and several clicks is all it takes to place your order. Plus, they have never failed to deliver the flowers on time and the flowers were always fresh. When you order flowers online you just see the photo and it is intangible. Buying online you buy a promise that the flowers will be delivered when specified and the bunch of flowers will look exactly as the one you saw on the screen. With Etsy you can be confident that your order will be shipped and performed at its best. They never failed to meet my expectations.

Hawley's Florist Online Ordering of Flowers

At Etsy you will find a variety of flowers for every occasion and every budget. I know by heart what the favorite flowers of each member of my family are, plus I often order from the same seller, so they know for sure how to make the dearest people in my life happy. Sometimes I just purchase a bunch of fresh cut flowers delivered in a vase and for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries I order professionally arranged fresh flowers in a take out box with a fortune cookie tucked inside.

Hawley's Florist Bunch of Fresh Cut Flowers

Even when you buy flowers it's nice to be able to save. When I made a purchase at Etsy for the second time, they sent me a 10% Off coupon with their Thank You card. So loyal customers are always rewarded and that makes me feel special.

Every time you present someone a beautiful bouquet of flowers you make this person happier and show how special this person is. These days people are getting more and more practical and often think that flowers don't last long and are just a waste of money. I don't agree with that. Even though the flowers will fade the memory about them will stay. And it is the memory of us being happy. What can be more valuable?