What do Different Flowers Mean?

Do you ever wonder why people brought flowers to every important event of their life for centuries? There is a lot more to flowers than just their beauty. All the way through history, starting with Egyptians, then Greeks, Romans, Victorians, and finally in our modern era, people believed flowers can convey some important messages and assigned special meanings to many of them. This is why to this day we take flowers to weddings, funerals, when somebody is sick or when we go to congratulate a new baby. Unfortunately, not all of us know those long ago assigned meanings anymore, so let's get them refreshed. Flowers and their different colors can express pretty much anything. Next time you buy flowers, think what you want to say with them and the bouquet will be even more meaningful.

What symbolic meanings can flowers include?

Many flowers have more than just one meaning and most people don't know them, so you can nicely tell a person you are giving flowers to what you are trying to say.

What flowers should you choose to express love?

It's enough to look around on Valentine's Day and you will see how many people show their love with roses. But it's not the only flower to express love:

Roses Bouquet HawleyFlorist

What flowers express feelings of friendship?

A nice bouquet can always reaffirm feelings of friendship and it's an easy gift to anybody that can be hand-delivered or sent. If your bouquet will have any of these flowers, your feelings will be known, provided that your friend knows the meaning too:

What can you give when you want to represent strength?

Flowers can help heal and feel better, so we take them to hospital visits and when we want to wish a fast recovery to those we love. This is what should be in your bouquet:

Brown and Green Orchids HawleyFlorist

What flowers represent beauty?

Every blossom and every color are beautiful, but some flowers traditionally represent beauty more than others. A lot also depend on personal taste, but these blossoms were considered beauty messengers for centuries:

What flowers should you give to convey happiness?

Every flower receiver will get happy, no doubt, how could they not when seeing beautiful blossoms? All kinds of flowers are considered representing happiness thanks to vibrant colors and intricate blossoms:

Lilys Bouquets HawleyFlorist

What do you take with you to wish for good fortune?

These flowers are often given to someone who is starting something new - new job, graduation, or a new baby journey. This is what you should include for occasions like these:

Sunflowers HawleyFlorist

What flowers can help you express sympathy and condolences?

Funerals are events when somebody is going through the toughest loss in their lives and some flowers traditionally help ease the pain even if for a minute. Include these flowers to show your support and sadness:

Chrysanthemums HawleyFlorist

How can you express your thoughtfulness?

For people who are loved, but might live far away, a bouquet of flowers from you would show that you care and that they are on your mind. You can show thoughtfulness with:

Orchids HawleyFlorist

You can always find more flowers and more meaning behind them online before buying a bouquet, so always put a little effort and do some research. Most florists can help you with that too.